For women who are mid-leap into mid-life.

who are mid-leap into mid-life.

Let’s make “that age” your best age. Because mid-life is where it all starts

Who am I?

Is that the question that keeps you up at night?

Who am I now that…

My “baby” is far from a baby. And doesn’t need me anymore.

I’ve gone as far as I can in my career, and I feel too old to start something new.

People look past me, not at me.

The guy at the coffee shop calls me “ma’am.”

This is where you find your answer.

Who are you? You’re a vital, valuable woman. You have talents and passions you haven’t even begun to tap.

You’ve got a new lease on life -- and it’s time to move in. I’ll help.


Hi! I'm Jane.

I’m the Paradigm Coach. I’ve been coaching since 2003 and I help women leap into the best phase of their life.

Imagine being able to change how you feel and how you respond to any situation instantly, no fuss, no muss.

Imagine speaking your mind without ums and ahs.

Imagine letting go of the strangle-hold of control that you don’t have anyway.

Those changes are just the beginning of what my coaching will do for you.