Yes, that’s the right use of “literally.” (For once.)

I don’t mean that you’ll become wishy-washy, and start calling the waiter over to switch your order from the fish to the pasta.

I mean your actual brain will start functioning in your favor.

That’s why I call myself the Paradigm Coach. A paradigm is a mindset.

You wanna change your mind about how you see yourself, your age, your body, your capabilities, your (insert issue here)? With me, you will.

Your mindset will start to support you in the things you want to do and accomplish, and the ways you want to show up in your life.


Your thinking will transform:


"Why did I say that!? They're going to hate me forever!"

"I'm a failure if I don't make six figures and buy my three year old the latest iPhone"

"I'm a fake"


"I can walk into that presentation and wow them! I've got this!"

“I’m enough.”

“I can say exactly what I think and feel, without worrying about being judged or sounding stupid.”

"No" is a complete sentence and I use it, guilt free!"

And that adds up to real outcomes.

Here are some results my clients have seen:

“All my life, I always started things and never finished them. But at 51, thanks to my work with Jane, l went back to school, was licensed as a massage therapist in June 2016, started my practice the same month, and my earnings in the first three months have exceeded my projected earnings for the year.”

Pat Dudley-Gregory, Touch - A Massage Studio

“What a relief: I’m learning to keep quiet and mind my own business. I take responsibility for my life and let others take responsibility for theirs, which makes my life so much better and more productive.”

Crystal Jeffries / Colorado Springs, CO

“My 13-year-old daughter and I worked with Jane together. As a result, my daughter, who’s struggled with fears her whole life, and learning challenges, has received certificates and awards from her teacher for flying through a literacy program they thought would take all year. And just last week, she was performing acrobatic tricks on her bike while she flew around our driveway with the look of sheer delight all over her face! Who knew this timid creature who couldn’t sleep in her room alone before, would be doing wheelies? I haven't smiled so much in a long, long time.”

Janneke Kelly / NSW Australia

Why my coaching works so well:

(This is the part you really want to know, right? Does it work, and if so, why?)

I combine the best tools from coaching (where do you want to go and how do you want to get there?) and energy work (change the station from "no way" to "oh yeah!"). The energy-based tools are the “secret sauce” of how I work and get stellar results. They truly set me apart from other coaches, and will help set you apart in your growth and success.

But make no mistake about the energy part. It’s not a bunch of woo-woo, airy-fairy, “just think positive thoughts and the pile of gold will appear” thinking.

This is work of substance, and it’s rooted in science.

I leverage the beautiful neuroplasticity of your brain. Isn’t it nice to know it’s still plastic in there?

And I explain the “why” behind everything. Energy-based coaching gets a bad rap because people don't get the why behind the what.

With me, it’s: here’s what you’re going to do and here’s why it works.

If you don’t understand it, you won’t use it. With me, you’ll use it, and see the results.

You'll come away from a session with rock solid tools rooted in science to put the shizzle back in your fizzle whenever you need it.


Ready to change your mind -- and make the leap?

Can’t wait to meet you!