How your story takes shape...

How your story takes shape…

Working with me will literally change your mind.

I don’t mean that you’ll become wishy-washy and start calling the waiter over to switch your order from the chicken to the fish. I mean your actual brain will start functioning in your favor. That’s why I call myself the Paradigm Coach. 

A paradigm is a mindset, a way of looking at something.

You wanna change your mind about how you see yourself, your value, your confidence, your self-esteem, your capabilities, your (insert issue here)? With me, you will. Your mindset will start to support you in the things you want to do and accomplish, and the ways you want to show up in your life.
Jane Winnie

Your thinking will transform…




“What I feel matters. What I need matters. What I want matters.”

And that adds up to real outcomes. 

Here are some results my clients have seen:

I’m not at the mercy of my emotions anymore. I have the power and choice to make real change and I have! I’ve gained self-confidence, I have a job that I love and I’m actually selling my art! I catch myself laughing out loud. What a gift! My true essence has blossomed under Jane’s guidance and coaching. I recommend her whole-heartedly!
Janneke Kelly
Wollongong, NSW, Australia
“During each session I know I’ve learnt another important lesson about myself. After decades of searching I’ve found the gift of Jane as my coach, who’s enabled personal growth beyond my expectations. Many lessons have come forward swiftly and gently, helping me dissolve problematic triggers and looping thoughts. Jane uses energy-based tools with great understanding and for me, the results have been spectacular. A true, caring and compassionate professional whose warmth and love you can feel Zooming through your screen! The demonstrated positive results proves her credibility. I encourage you to experience this for yourself.”
Sue Ashley
Nelson, New Zealand

“I literally have more energy to get things done. I’m thrilled to be learning the “how” to move my life forward.”

– Jamie Herman, Hayden, CO, USA

Why my coaching works so well:

(This is the part you really want to know, right? Does it work, and if so, why?)

If Einstein and Brene Brown had a baby that would be me! My coaching style combines the science of energy as it relates to human behavior with the heart and soul of Brene’s research to support you in:
  • Having the confidence and courage to show up in your life, liking who you are, finding your voice, asking for what you want and getting it.
  • Leaning in on trust and connection, starting with yourself.
  • Believing you are worthy. Not if. Not when. You are.

The energy-based tools I use are the foundation of how I work and get brilliant results. They truly set me apart from other coaches and will help set you apart in your growth and success.

This is work of substance, and it’s rooted in science.

I leverage the beautiful neuroplasticity of your brain. Isn’t it nice to know it’s still plastic in there?

With me, you’ll get real results in real time and you’ll come away from a session with rock solid tools to become more of who you are, the hero of your stellar story.

Ready to change your mind


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