What my clients have to say...

What my clients have to say…

I always feel completely heard and supported by Jane. It’s her genuine balance of joy, warmth and connection that allows me to dig deep, change what stands in my way, and emerge with motivation, clarity, and direction to reach my goals. Jane is MY paradigm coach - fully present and engaged - that amazing cheerleader who inspires me to believe in myself.
I’m a mechanic and was raised to believe that manly men don’t explore emotions. I thought it was weak. I was wrong. Using energy-based tools to examine the science of emotions and create a new mindset, I’m now more confident in myself, more secure in my relationships, less anxious, I stand up straighter and self-doubt is gone. Jane helps me get right to the issues and resolve them, no fuss, no muss. Sign me up! This stuff is great!
Dave Herman
Owner, Dave’s Garage, Hayden, CO, USA
This drawing is how I felt after just three sessions! I feel light again! Letting go of beliefs and attitudes that weighed me down, I’ve gained fresh, new perspectives about myself, I literally have more energy to get things done in my home, and I’m back in a creative space enjoying time with myself and my family. I’m thrilled to be learning the “how” to move my life forward! My drawing is tangible evidence of what’s possible with coach Jane!
Jamie Herman
Hayden, CO, USA
It’s as if a discordant orchestra inside me that played out of tune has suddenly learned to play beautiful music in a unified, harmonious pattern. The energy-based tools Jane uses are not new age mind tricks or mumbo jumbo. They’re firmly rooted in science, the results are real and lasting, and yet they still manage to surprise me in their simplicity. I highly recommend Jane if you want to make profound and lasting shifts in your life.
Esther Perry
Sydney, NSW, Australia
I’m proactive now vs reactive. I run my life instead of my life running me. It’s real freedom to choose how I respond! And Jane walks the talk. It’s obvious she uses the very tools she teaches me.
Beth Waring
Cape Coral, FL, USA
Over time my sessions have felt like an elaborate costume has been peeled off piece by piece. I’ve embraced who I am with gratitude, knowledge, and love. I now honor the woman I’ve become and see myself clearly with forgiveness, empathy, and vulnerability. Jane’s guidance has been invaluable.
Carra Bockelman
Milton Freewater, OR, USA

“I run my life instead of my life running me. It’s real freedom to choose how I respond!”

– Beth Waring, Cape Coral, FL, USA

For years my anxiety and anger simmered just underneath the surface. Now I’m a happier person in my core and it feels amazing! No more feeling fake and phony. I’m genuine, real, and true to myself. My marriage is stronger than ever and even my dog loves me more! Jane has mastered the art of connection and uses her tools expertly and seamlessly. She has taught me skills that will aid me for the rest of my days. By all means call her!
Kristen Hughes
Tallahassee, FL, USA
Coaching with Jane helped me to see that my feelings are normal. I don’t have to live in the past. I’m at peace with my inner self - and I like who I am! It’s OK. I’m not perfect but I’m a good person. Looking for a coach with the skills and tools to deliver actual results? Call Jane. You’ll be glad you did!
Cheryl Jackson
Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA
Jane’s coaching has literally changed my whole mindset and life. I’ve stepped out of survival mode and jumped into living mode! I’ve gained practical life tools that give me permission to say no when I need to, stop being a people pleaser, and I’m a whole lot kinder to myself. Family relationships, previously broken, are now healed. Jane’s zest for really living is contagious and I’m proud to say she’s MY coach. Thinking about working with Jane? Go for it! You’ll love her as I do!
Leeza Da Silva
Sydney, Australia
What a program! When we were in the process of starting our business, the Strategic Attraction Plan helped us to laser-focus on our needs and goals. It was exactly what we needed! Absolutely worth it – no question about it. Thank you, Jane!
All my life, I always started things and never finished them. But at 51, thanks to my work with Jane, l went back to school, was licensed as a massage therapist in June 2016, started my practice the same month, and my earnings in the first three months have exceeded my projected earnings for the year.
Working with Jane dramatically altered the trajectory of my life’s journey. Before, I was half-heartedly headed in one direction; now, I’m eagerly headed in the right direction for my own joy and success. Jane listens so as to hear the significance in things I didn’t even realize I had said and in the process helping me to a deeper understanding of both myself and my business.
Pollyanna Morby
Columbia, MO, USA

“I’ve embraced who I am with gratitude, knowledge, and love.”

– Carra Bockelman, Milton Freewater, OR, USA

Jane is a first class, first rate coach! She strives for excellence and delivers! I’m so grateful and privileged to have her as my business coach. She’s warm, vivacious, funny, and very engaging. I’m blown away at how intently she listens to every detail in our conversation. It’s an art – and she has mastered it! While she’s exceptionally detail oriented, she also steps back and grasps the big picture effortlessly. She is fully present and invested in her clients. She is passionate about my success. She acknowledges and celebrates each of my victories. Her cheerleading and support feeds my soul. I wholeheartedly recommend her!
Monique De La Torre
Los Angeles, CA, USA
My 13-year-old daughter and I worked with Jane together. As a result, my daughter, who’s struggled with fears and learning challenges her whole life, has received certificates and awards from her teacher for flying through a literacy program they thought would take all year. And just last week, she was performing acrobatic tricks on her bike while she flew around our driveway with the look of sheer delight all over her face! Who knew this timid creature who couldn’t sleep in her room alone before, would be doing wheelies? I haven't smiled so much in a long, long time.
Janneke Kelly
Wollongong, NSW, Australia
I trust quantum physics, and I’ve got the power to change; it’s already in me. This process helps me to focus on what I want and the energy-based tools make the change real. As a coach Jane is trustworthy and a natural listener. She has a natural tone in her voice that makes me feel like I’m on higher ground, a safe spot for me. Jane is MY coach and I most definitely recommend her!
Harrisonburg, VA, USA
What a relief: I’m learning to keep quiet and mind my own business. I take responsibility for my life and let others take responsibility for theirs, which makes my life so much better and more productive.
Crystal Jeffries
Colorado Springs, CO, USA

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