The early pages of my life were ripped out of a Greek tragedy.

Suffice to say I was raised in a hostile environment that didn’t encourage discovery or growth. I wasn’t allowed to graduate high school (because that would shine a light on my achievements), and “no” was a dangerous word in my home, so it wasn’t in my vocabulary. Ever.

I dampened down, became small, and didn’t have a voice. As I got older I became a chameleon. I copied what I liked about others and faked my way through life. From hairstyles to handwriting. If someone asked for my opinion I’d panic, get that familiar lump in my throat, and as my heart raced, I desperately  searched my soul for one original thought. But, crickets … absolutely nothing.

By the time I was in my thirties my inner editor demanded a total rewrite. With a pencil tucked behind my ear, a lot of blank paper on which to write, and the help of talented co-editors (counselors :)), my brand new script began to emerge. A riveting, can’t put the book down, page-turner story unfolded.

Jane Winne

Fast forward to 1997. As I sat in the office of my counselor gazing out the window at the palm trees in the parking lot, in a reflective state of mind, I asked,

“How will I use this – my experiences and what I’ve learned – for good?” She smiled knowingly and replied, “Oh, you’ll find a way”.

Armed with my new composition of courage, (budding) confidence, and connection to my inner strengths of commitment and passion for what’s possible (because I’m living proof that change is possible), I went back to school. I learned energy-based tools and techniques rooted in science and fused that with the forward momentum of coaching for a winning combo that I use in my practice today.

I also learned to say No, whenever I want, guilt free!

“After decades of searching I’ve found the gift of Jane as my coach, who’s enabled personal growth beyond my expectations.”

– Sue Ashley, Nelson, New Zealand

Since 2003 I’ve built a solid foundation of trust and tangible results for my clients using these skills:

  • ICF ACC Coach Accreditation
  • Certified Master Coach
  • Certified Professional Coach
  • Certificate in Applied Neuroscience
  • Certified Resonance Repatterning Practitioner
  • Certified Strategic Attraction™ Coach
  • Extensive training in Magui Block’s methodology

Magui Block’s method is based on Bert Hellinger’s Family Constellations, including Systemic Constellations, Healing the Family, Healing Systems and Organizations, Attract the Love of Your Life (or Make the One You Have Better), and Therapeutic Abilities.

And I’m trained in over 150 energetic modalities utilizing color, light, sound, breath, movement, energetic contact, visualization, and the Meridian system, to shift from “Arrgh!” to “Ahhhh…” in a nanosecond.

Jane Winne

When I’m not helping my clients write their personal bestseller…

I’m zhuzhing up my own life story enjoying time with my main squeeze, George (married 40 years and loving life with him!), volunteering in the deaf community (folks who’ve taught me volumes about courage and connection), creating organic epicurean delights, and hiking in the spectacular Shenandoah Valley. Oh, and mastering a fabulous, no-bake vegan cheesecake!

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