Lions & Tigers & Tweens – Oh My!


Mid-life and middle schoolers. Suddenly you find yourself in that “Toto-I-don’t-think-we’re-in-Kansas-anymore” moment. Betwixt and be-tween (pun intended). More moms are having their babies later in life. So about the time your hormones are signaling perimenopause, your youngster’s hormones are waking up too. The “tween” years – 10 to 12. Not a child and not yet a […]

How The Law of Attraction Works

laws of attraction

In my blog “Opposites DO Attract – And That’s a Good Thing!” I talk about how frustrating it is to be all up in the Law of Attraction – making vision boards, projecting positive thoughts – only to find yourself spinning your wheels for all of your Law of Attraction sweat equity.  We cranked the engine […]

Opposite’s Do Attract – And That’s a Good Thing!


So, you’re all over the Law of Attraction, like white on rice. You “get” it. You’re projecting positive thoughts, sending love all over the place (including that co-worker you can’t stand at the water cooler. She’s so annoying!), in hopes of attracting health, wealth, and abundance into your life and relationships (images of Tinker Bell sprinkling pixie […]