Aging is Optional

This summer I welcome a new decade of my life – I turn 60.

There was a time I would have dreaded the big “6-0”, but not anymore. After all, I am the mid-life coach. I help women leap into the best phase of their life.

But just when is mid-life? 40’s, 50’s, 60’s….90’s? It’s up to you. And it starts in your brain.

Larry Lewis’ Mindset

Want to hear a true story? Larry Lewis was a banquet waiter at the Hotel St. Francis in San Francisco. An author wrote that he looked to be about 50 years old. His back was straight, he had a twinkle in his eyes and, ignoring the elevator, he took the stairs two steps at a time. When she introduced him to the convention participants, Larry told them it was his birthday – he was 105 years old!

Larry clearly had a different set of beliefs about time and growing old!

Taking Stairs By Two

When I read that story nearly 10 years ago I woke my husband out of a sound sleep and proclaimed, “I’m gonna be Larry Lewis! I’m gonna be 105 and taking stairs by two!” I’m not sure if he thought I was dreaming or having a nightmare, but one thing’s for sure, my perspective about aging changed right then and there.

Do-Si-Do Through Menopause

Christiane Northrup, M.D. is my go to gal when it comes to how I perceive aging. I read her book, “The Wisdom of Menopause”, in my 40’s and as a result I greeted menopause with a pair of cowgirl boots, a red bandana, and do-si-do’d my way right on through (the Western theme is because I was living in Colorado at the time :)).

I learned that in menopause a woman’s body heats up, but so does her brain. It’s often one of the most creative times in a woman’s life, and it’s not uncommon for women to start a whole new career in this phase of life.

Hmmm…. I started my coaching business when I was 46. Yep. There’s truth in them thar words!

Expert Advice

In her PBS series, “Glorious Women Never Age!” Dr. Northrup outlined seven steps for growing older with strength, a positive attitude, and vitality. Side note: Although her program speaks to women, her advice is equally valuable for men…except for hot flashes. Listen up you guys in manopause!

And Dr. Mario Martinez, neuropsychologist and author of “The MindBody Code”, explores the characteristics that over 500 healthy centenarians (people over 100) have in common.

Here’s what their collective research reveals:

Age-ism begins early. If you believe that it’s all downhill after 40, it will be! Your body hears, and believes, every word you’re saying.

Beliefs are far more powerful than you think! Our beliefs affect our genes. The science of epigenetics is proving that you can’t change your DNA but you can change the way your DNA functions. So, update those out-dated beliefs!

“Old” has nothing to do with your chronological age. It has everything to do with your beliefs, whether you’re future-oriented, and what you talk about everyday.

Emotions rule! The exalted emotions of joy, fun and pleasure increase your levels of DHEA, the life force hormone and pre-cursor to all other hormones. So, the emotions in your heart affect the hormonal levels in your whole body.

Live whole-heartedly. You have a host of emotions and all of them play a vital role in your life. Embrace them!

Get a good night’s sleep. Einstein slept 10-12 hours a day. You wanna reverse the clock? Sleep your way to feeling healthier and happier.

Growing older is synonymous with getting better. You’ve spent years building experience, knowledge, and wisdom. Use it!

Just live. You’ll die faster eating tofu with fear than eating a cheeseburger without fear, because immune suppression comes from fear. (Disclaimer here: I’m not advocating chowing down on cheeseburgers. Just deal with your fears.)

Super-immunity occurs when there’s joy in your life and when your culture supports it. Seeing the correlation between beliefs, biology, health, and community?

Culture shapes your beliefs and your beliefs shape your biology. Genetics weigh in at 35% and culture and beliefs at 65%. Changing biology begins in your brain and you can change the way you think!

People who look younger think that middle age starts later. When you apply a year to mid-life then you’re coding your system and begin to age according to what your culture tells you. My new middle age? 90!

Growing older is inevitable. Aging is optional! Dr. Northrup refers to aging as deterioration, lack of function, being bent over, and chronic degenerative disease. This is all optional!

I think Jack Benny, the perennial 39 year old, was onto something. For me, from this day forward no more stating my age. I’ve jumped on the bandwagon with Larry Lewis and all those healthy centenarians, I’m no where near mid-life, and I’m bulking up on exalted emotions!

What about you? What pearls of wisdom do you glean from Drs. Northrup and Martinez? Ready to do some square dancing? Or are your cowgirl boots stuck in manure? Saunter on over for a free Discovery Session if you want to partner up!

Till next month,
xo Jane

8 Responses

  1. ? I swear I grew 10 years younger reading this!

    Jane! you inspire me my dear friend?

    Joy is Botox!!!!!!!!

  2. My grandmother always said age is a state of mind. She was an inspiring 85 year old who said in her mind she felt much younger. I love this concept of choosing our own midlife age. It keeps us fresh, bright and focused on the joy the future holds.
    Let’s embrace vitality with enthusiasm and gusto. I’m dancing with you Jane. You continue to be awesome.

    1. Your grandmother was right! Hmmm…. maybe Dr. Northrup got her inspiration from your grandma : ).

      Watch out world! Jane and Esther kickin’ up our cowgirl boots with gusto somewhere in our future mid-life! 😀

  3. Thank you Thank you Thank you
    Such important reminders!! After all….. we still have so much to do!!
    I love you my friend ???

  4. Hiya Beautiful,
    Absolutely! I just turned 40 & with new circumstances in my life, I feel stronger, fitter, & better than ever, I’m not weighed down in any shape or form or by another person, I’m ready to be me, & me isn’t an age….. it should be when someone asks “how old are you?” We say “I’m fabulous, no age required for that?” Hehe, I dare myself to try that actually?
    You radiate youth & happiness & it shines from your amazingly generous heart, such a privilege to know you my sister & friend…. Rebekah xxx

    1. I have the most brilliant readers! “I’m fabulous, no age required” – my new, official response to “How old are you?” Thanks for being your best yet and an inspiration for us all!

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What’s your super strength?

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